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Singing Teacher in London Offering Singing Lessons

Bridget De Courcy is a leading private vocal coach and singing teacher based in London. Offering a range of voice and singing lessons in a number of locations across the capital; including Muswell Hill, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Hampstead, Highgate, Golders Green, Finchley, Crouch End and Hendon.

Bridget has been a vocal coach in London for many years and has provided vocal coaching to many different students all of all ages. Contact Bridget today about her voice coaching services.

Areas of Voice Coaching

Every client that comes to Bridget looking for a vocal coach or singing teacher are given lessons that suit their particular needs and wants. What makes Bridget one of the best voice coaches in London, is that she specialises in a variety of different genres of singing.

The main areas of vocal coaching Bridget offers in her are:

• Classical Singing Lessons
• Contemporary Singing Lessons
• Jazz Singing Lessons
• Musical Theatre Singing Lessons
• Opera Singing Lessons
• Pop Singing Lessons

Click and read more about Bridget’s singing lessons in London here, or contact her directly and ask her about the voice coaching needs you may require. : 020 8883 8397
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