Opera Singing Lessons London

Bridget is a specialist singing teacher in London, with expertise as a teacher in a wide variety of genres. One of her more uncommon services is opera singing lessons. In opera singing lessons, your opera vocal coach will explore a range of breathing and vocal techniques, harnessing the power, finesse and technique needed to pursue opera singing as a career or a simple hobby.

Why Choose Operatic Singing Lessons

Opera singing teachers are becoming harder and harder to find nowadays, this is mainly due to the increase in demand for other types of singing lessons such as:

• Musical theatre singing lessons
• Pop singing lessons

Many people who pursue opera singing lessons do so to try and emulate or follow in the footsteps of their favourite operatic singers. Popular inspirations behind opera singing lessons include: Luciano Pavarotti, Joan Sutherland and Maria Callas.

Whether you’re looking for opera lessons to pursue a career in performance or for fun, Bridget can help you.

Benefits of Opera Singing Lessons

Using an opera vocal coach like Bridget can provide a number of benefits for anyone. The biggest benefit being an increased level of self-confidence. Opera singing lessons can make many people feel exposed and vulnerable at first, but this soon changes after your first opera lesson. This confidence you obtain from opera lessons will quickly filter through into all aspects of your life.

To contact Bridget about opera vocal coaching, call 020 8883 8397 today and arrange your operatic singing lesson.

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